6 Things Customers Want You to Know

No matter how big or small, every business’s main priority is to keep its customers happy and coming back, and business owners spend lots of time and big money to learn what makes their customers tick and how to get them walking through that door over and over again. There are certain unspoken customer expectations that every business owner should exercise and maximize. Here are 7 things your customers want you to know.


1. Customers Prefer Good Service over Fast Service

Focusing on quality of service makes all the difference. If you can provide a memorable experience for your customers, they will keep coming back.


2. Personalize the Customer Experience

The one thing we love hearing more than the sound of our own voice, is the sound of our own name. Capture your customers’ attention by making their experience personal – refer to them by name, remember the products or services they prefer, ask after their family or vacation.

Repeat customers keep returning because they feel comfortable, welcome, and appreciated. They will always choose the service or product with the most perceived added value, tangible or intangible, whether it’s the cheapest or not. When you make them feel appreciated, your customers will choose your business just to recapture that last experience you gave them. Sometimes memories of a good time are more important than a good deal.


3. Create Goodwill to Make Your Business Memorable

Surprises are good, and they don’t have to cost much or anything at all. Randomly upgrade shipping for repeat customers, or print and sign a simple ‘thank you’ note to include with each order. Do something special and unexpected for your customers, and they’ll come back because they appreciate the personal gesture.


4. Offer a Loyalty Program

If you have a loyalty program, don’t make your customers ask for it. Start it for them with their current purchase. They are more likely to come back and spend money to complete the program if it was offered to them as something special.


5. Share the Backstory

Everyone loves a good story. Share the story of why you chose to carry a specific brand, where the raw materials come from or how they’re grown, or how a product got its name. When your customers make a personal connection, you are more likely to persuade them to make the purchase.


6. Ask Your Customer

People love to share their ideas and give advice. When you’re thinking of making a change – adding a new product line, cutting an existing one, or taking your business in a new direction – ask your repeat customers for suggestions. They’ll tell you what they want or don’t want. After all, your goal is to keep your loyal customers while creating new ones.


What is a business without its customers? Nothing much at all. Your customers keep cash flowing, pay your expenses, and give your business a purpose. Maximize and exceed their expectations by giving them what they want, when they want it, without them asking for it, and your customers will come back again and again.


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