I guess you could call us: Software Matchmakers.  We find out what is missing in your business, your likes and dislikes, your future wish list, and then go out and personally find companies that will present you with a great solution.  Whether your business needs: accounting software, CRM solutions, inventory controls, or custom fits, we know your industry and the questions to ask.

For over 27 years I watched hundreds of businesses struggle selecting the right software. Let me put my team to work and search for the right solution while you keep working on making money.

What’s the catch?  Nothing.  And best of all our service is free to you.

Business Accounting Software & You: A Sales Story

At one time or another, every business, big or small, will experience a kink in the workflow chain. Along the pipeline an order goes missing, someone re-keys data incorrectly, or product fails to make it into inventory. The lack of departmental communication and exchange of information equals lost sales. Wouldn’t it be better if you could have a single point of entry for data; Integration of each departmental process? Automation of those processes along the pipeline for a streamlined, kink-less run? The best accounting software connects departmental processes into one system to solve your company’s workflow issues.

A Tale of Two Companies

Two companies, both alike in challenges. But only one decided to employ our business accounting software search through ASC and found accounting software solutions within days. One used a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and created a marketing campaign through their website, social media apps, emails and blogs, etc. where these advertisement professionals got their product noticed in the marketplace. Along came a potential customer. The salesman records her information and keeps in contact. The other in the midst of attempting to find the best online accounting software available, got lost in the overwhelming options available to them and gave up and continued to do everything through excel spreadsheets and good old fashioned word docs.

Accounting and Finance

While both these companies needed professional accounting software, only one called ASC and let us do the heavy lifting in finding the best accounting software for their company.  The HR manager tasked with finding the solution now loves the business accounting software chosen. He writes a quote. “The immediate challenge was that we had a big order that will wipe out current stock. The order initiates a chain reaction. Meanwhile, Accounting creates and sends out the invoice, receives payment, and records the transaction. We were all disjointed and didn’t know how to pull everything together and project manage this correctly.  We just knew we needed a better way of doing our business. ASC helped us through getting to know our business, asking the right questions and connecting us with solutions providers that really understood what we were going through. Thanks ASC!”

Another satisfied customer who became a repeat customer after CRM reminded them to follow up on her first order. The process starts all over again.

Ready for Streamlined Workflow?

It’s time to commit to solving the workflow issues in your operation. Let Accounting Software Connections identify your business challenges and guide you on your search for the best accounting software for your business.

Don’t go it alone. Begin your accounting software hunt with ASC today.