CRM Solutions

What Factors Should a Company Consider Before Selecting a CRM Solution?

According to the Q4 2012 Foresight’s Software Survey, 47% of North American and European companies use CRM solutions; 13% planned to implement one within 12 months, and another 12% planned to implement one in the future. The CRM trend is showing that the top priority is growing the business by improving customer satisfaction and anticipating customer needs. CRM solutions are proving to increase a business’ functionality and efficiency and improve customer service. With the variety of choices in the marketplace, business owners can find it overwhelming to choose the best CRM for small businesses.

4 Factors to Consider Before Your Search

Determine Functional Needs.

The variety of available CRM systems offers a range of functions, from contact management, customer service, sales, and marketing. The more functions integrate, the more expensive the program, so determine which functions of CRM your company needs to improve workflow and sales while only paying for what you need.

Keep Simplicity in Mind.

If the system is too complicated, your employees won’t use it or use it correctly. Then you’re back at square one, unable to efficiently track customers and sales. Regardless of its simplicity, it’s a good idea to periodically train your employees to ensure proficiency and uniformity.

Ensure Integration with Existing Solutions.

It is vital to choose an application that seamlessly connects and shares data with the programs that your employees use daily. A CRM solution that does not integrate with the current system isn’t a solution. It’s another problem.

Verify System Customizes Reports.

Verify that the prospective CRM application can generate customized, real-time reports, so you can monitor processes vital to your business’ financial health, such as the progress of your sales team, quarterly targets, etc.

Need Help Navigating your CRM Search?

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