Distribution & Wholesale

SKU’s, kiting projects, and low level thresholds:  How does your software keep up? We have industry experience in understanding what it takes to track thousands of SKU’s, coordinate a detailed kiting project and time study, as well as track and measure an efficient work force.  We understand the importance of effective inventory reporting. It can cripple a business if you’ve outgrown the accounting software currently in place.  That’s where ASC can help.  We talk to you about your business’ specific needs and then branch out to find accounting software providers who can help you implement the right solution.  How efficiently is your accounting software system working for you? Is it time to update the following processes?

We Understand

An inefficient data entry system can cause all sorts of problems, from wasting your business’ time and money to straining your customer relations. Based on your logistics needs, you may need software such as:

Order Processing | Kitting | Asset Management/Maintenance |Barcode Scanning/RFID |HRMS |Budgeting | Contract Management | Credit Card Processing | CRM | Data Storage | Document Imaging | EDI | Inventory Management | Packing/Palletizing