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ERP For Small Businesses
Why are Cloud-based Solutions Becoming the Most Popular ERP for Small Business?

You’re a small business owner, and you are in need of more effective accounting software. Your web search reveals just how overwhelming the options are, but how do you determine which one is right for you? It’s a common predicament. Owners struggle every day to pinpoint the best ERP for their small business.

Types Of ERP Accounting Software & Solutions

As though the abundance of software choices wasn’t enough, there are 3 types of ERP solutions from which to choose: on-premise, hosted, and Cloud-based. What are the differences, you ask? With on-premise, you buy the software, have it installed on your hardware and server and have it maintained by your employees. With hosted, you buy the software, have it loaded onto servers owned by an IT company, which maintains and manages your software and data. With Cloud-based, you subscribe to the vendor-hosted software, access it through the web and store your data on the vendor’s servers.  While on-premise and Cloud are the most common, Cloud-based solutions are rapidly becoming the most popular type of ERP for small business. Why?

Advantages (and Disadvantages) of Cloud-based ERP Solutions

The up-front cost is lower. Instead of purchasing the software, you subscribe to it, which covers licensing and server space. There are minimal to zero upgrade costs, and the cloud platform allows your customizations to automatically carry over to new versions. There are zero server maintenance costs. Your subscription provides 24-hour IT support. Cloud-based ERP solutions provide accessibility to real-time data and reports, with many smartphone/tablet compatible. They also allow you to add users as your business grows without purchasing additional hardware. There are some disadvantages too. Your data is stored on hosted servers which increase security and privacy issues, especially if you collect and store sensitive information. If the vendor’s servers or your internet connection goes down, you cannot access your data, and you automatically receive all upgrades, whether they are advantageous or not. Also, not all cloud-based systems offer customizations.

Unsure the Cloud is Right for Your Business?

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