New Software Search Company Makes Big Splash for Business Owners and Software Providers

It’s official!

Accounting Software Connections (ASC) is open for business, providing guidance for business owners through the endless options of software solutions.

The goal for ASC is quite simple:

It has to do with our #1 key strategy: the art of conversation

Through our thorough needs assessment process with the business decision maker, we identify challenges and issues and pinpoint software solutions for them to consider.  What is surprising is that we do not charge for this service.  Why not?  Our next step explains why.

We will never charge our business owner contacts for our service.

After we gather detailed information regarding revenue expectations, industry specifics, business challenges, and the projected goals of the business decision makers, we navigate a search for the BEST 5 solution providers that we feel can deliver the best solution to our business contacts.

These providers pay for our services.  As a result of our thorough needs assessment process, we deliver quality leads to the solutions providers.  It is our reputation on the line.  With over 75 years of combined experience, we know what to ask and how to manage the lead process so that all parties involved are delighted with the end results.

Whether you are a solution provider searching for quality leads to sell more software,   or you are a business owner overwhelmed with the endless choices and unsure where to start searching, ASC is ready to assist.  We are delighted to bring this strategic partnering idea to the marketplace.

Don’t go it alone.

Begin your accounting software hunt with ASC today. or call us toll-free at 855-462-2407