Real Estate & Property Management

How well does your team keep track of client conversations and projects? While real estate professionals can utilize MLS listings to keep up with properties currently on the market, the challenge still remains in keeping tabs on what clients are looking for properties including contact information, property preferences and the endless conversations from the beginning of house hunting for clients to the dynamics of the closing table.  If the property management industry, not only do we understand your needs in keeping up with property repairs but also in mapping out repairs needed as a result of reserve studies.  There are endless software choices for our real estate professionals.  Accounting Software Connections gets to know the unique challenges facing the real estate markets and works hand in hand to find just the right accounting and database software to keep properties cared for and homes selling!

We Understand

If your current system can’t keep up with client inquiries, payment processing and leads, it’s time to take a look at your software needs. You may need: Document Management | CRM | CRM Workflow | Accounting Software | Time Management | Expense Tracking | Credit Card Processing | Merchant Services | Property Management Software | Project Management