Not All SME’s Are the Same

Rather unfairly, micro and small businesses are classified with their medium-sized cousins. Together they are known as SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises). Every country has a different definition of what constitutes SME’s, but typically micro businesses employ up to nine people (this includes the self-employed) and make less than one million in revenue; small businesses employ 10-49 people and make 1-20 million, and Medium-sized businesses employ 50-249 people and make 20-50 million.

Simpler Solutions for the Smaller Business

There’s a vast difference between the needs of a medium-sized enterprise and that of a micro-enterprise. Your software should be different too. If you only need a specific solution, look for a program designed for that singular task, such as payroll, check writing, credit card processing, or CRM. If you need a little more accounting functionality in one solution, accounting software may be right for you. Some of the options combine accounting, payroll, credit card processing and report generation all in one, and you can take it with you anywhere on your smartphone. If you need even more functionality and industry-specific solutions, like manufacturing, project, or inventory management, software that features scaled-down versions of all the above functions may be the best small business accounting software option for you. These simple to use programs were created for SMALL businesses. So you spend less time on your software and more time running your small business.

Which Functions Do You Need?

Whether your business needs a specific solution like project management, CRM or accounting software, let Accounting Software Connections guide you on your search for the best small business accounting software options for you.

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