Could Bookkeeping Software Signal the End of the Shoe Box?

Attention micro and small business owners! Do you have trouble keeping your business finances organized? Is it painfully apparent when tax time inevitably rolls around, and you find yourself hunting for records and receipts in disorganized filing cabinets and the proverbial shoe box? Such disorganization prevents you from running your operation efficiently and tracking the financial health of your small business. Maybe it’s time to consider bookkeeping software.

Question: What Can Software Do?

The answer is: Help You Stay Organized! Bookkeeping and small business accounting software are organizational tools, helping you consolidate your financial records and streamline business processes. Storing your financial records in one secure system not only means you are able to access documents at any time (handy at tax time), but you are less likely to lose them. This also means no more shoe boxes. Your accountant will thank you.

It’s All About the Functions.

Receivables: Record daily transactions. Send, receive, and track invoices. Use Paypal and credit card processing services to get paid. Payroll: Pay your employees (and yourself) and print out checks. Sync with your bank accounts to view bank statements.
Reports: Generate reports to help you make better decisions based on your financial health. Get balance sheets, A/R and A/P reports, sales reports, etc.Payments: Track purchases. Organize expenses by categories or projects. Taxes: Calculate deductions and earnings, tips and compensation, and federal and state taxes. Track sales, payroll, and income taxes and store W-2s and 1099s. Use a tax calendar to remind you of tax deadlines throughout the year.
Cash management: Preserve a paper trail to track every penny spent. Create budgets.

Need just a few of these functions? That’s okay. No matter how micro your business, there is a bookkeeping software solution that can get you organized. Say goodbye to the shoe box.

Or Do You Need More?

Need these functions and so much more? Then it’s time to step up your search for the best small business accounting software. ASC can help you identify your business’ accounting needs and provide up to 5 options best suited for your small business, free of charge.


Don’t go it alone. Begin your accounting software hunt with ASC today.